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50 years anniversary

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Cooperative "Nuestra Señora de la Muela y la Paz"

Meet the Cooperative

Located in the municipality of Toledo Corral de Almaguer -in La Mancha Toledana-, WAREHOUSES Altovela host is the Designation of Origin La Mancha, which is the opinion of experts, one of the denominations of Spanish origin with more projection.

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Land and environment, La Mancha.

The environment

La Mancha has a marked viticultural vocation, derived from a set of characteristics that are intrinsic and natural for grape production and, therefore, of wines with defined characteristics. La Mancha has a flat land, without great heights and land with a reddish fruit of Miocene sediments of limestone structure. Dryness is another of its most striking characteristics, since due to its micro-climate is rare entry humid winds, presenting a low rainfall (300-350 mm per year).